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Waff Max Elite
Waff Max Elite
Waff Max Elite

Waff Max Elite



The Waff® Max Elite is an ergonomic and body-focused, inflatable cushion with therapeutic benefits for recovering. It was designed using 3D technology to maximize the benefits to the body.

Available in Europe, Canada and Australia for over 10 years, the Waff® is highly regarded and used by medical and physical therapy teams, trainers and fitness professionals.

What is a Waff® Max?

Designed for any body type and any age, the structure of the Waff Max was created with 3D technology to reflect human anatomy. The technology implemented by the Waff® brand, as well as the quality of materials used contribute to the overall wellness experience. 

What's the Difference Between the Max Elite and Max Classic?

Made of polyurethane, an organic molecule that is beneficial to both users and the environment, the translucent Waff® Max Elite is quite a bit more reactive than its brother, the Waff Classic. The translucent material of the Max Elite provides more depth and precision in the body's internal sensations than the Class edition. This special material also provides an increase in elasticity and envelopment (i.e., the sensation of being cocooned).

Waff® Max Elite is bio-degradable and earth friendly.


How Does It Work?

The Waff Max was designed to promote relaxation and recovery. The guiding principal is simple: Do nothing, just let your mind let go. Within a few minutes, you will find yourself feeling relaxed and cocooned on a Waff.

What Are The Benefits of a Waff Max?

The main benefits obtained from a Waff Max session (20 minutes) are:

  • A complete sensation of well-being.
  • Full neuromuscular release.
  • Better quality sleep.

Achieving a state of relaxation is sometimes difficult. Everyone can achieve this state of relaxation within minutes by laying on a Waff Max. It's easy and you don't have to learn a complex method. Children and adults alike can relax on a Waff Max Elite as much as they need to.

Using a Waff Max is a preventive care action against excess stress and the risk of burn-out. The Waff Max is also very helpful for meditation. It can be used indoors or outdoors for all ages. One time per week minimum.

  • Space required 40 sqft
  • Diameter 57 inch
  • Inflating time 2-3 minute with electric air pump or hair dryer in cold position
  • Maximum weight 350 pounds
  • Maximum height 6'3



    Ships from Los Angeles via USPS (2 to 6 days for delivery depending on the state). If you live outside the USA, your shipping charge will be automatically calculated on checkout.


    Waff is dedicated to good health and to improved well-being and is mindful of establishing lasting relationships with our suppliers, partners, service providers and customers.

    Waff's industrial processes fully incorporate environmental standards and apply the Kyoto protocol. We are extending every effort to obtain better quality in the environment.