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Waff Mini Classic
Waff Mini Classic
Waff Mini Classic
Waff Mini Classic
Waff Mini Classic
Waff Mini Classic
Waff Mini Classic
Waff Mini Classic

Waff Mini Classic


The Waff Mini develops and improves your reflexes and balance at any age. Whatever your activity level, proper support is essential to having good balance. 

The Waff is a three dimensional-engineered tool that combines stability and mobility to replicate the functionality of your vertebra.

With regular use, the Waff Mini can increase foot and ankle joint function, and balance by stimulating the mobility of the ankle with micro-movements when you stand on it.

Used by professional athletes for over ten years, the Waff Mini has made its way into the home for daily exercise routines. It is also frequently used in medicine for patients recovering from injuries. 

What the Waff Mini Does

  1. It alleviates back pain by strengthening core muscles in the back.
  2. It strengthens weak abdominal muscles.
  3. It strengthens wobbly legs due to atrophy or weak muscles.

Waff Mini Unique Design

The Waff Mini has a unique, standalone design in that the circular center of the Waff, which is about the size of your palm, remains flat while the surrounding material is inflated. Think of a donut with the center filled in. It is for this reason that professional athletes frequently use the Waff Mini for core and mobility training.

How The Waff Mini Works

The Waff Mini provides a dynamically reactive surface that is great for shorter and more efficient exercises at a controlled pace. 

The sensations felt from the use of a Waff® Mini Classic are immediate and useful for every user. 

Waff ® Mini classic can be used by people of all ages, from infants to seniors.

  • Diameter 14.2 Inch
  • inflating time: 30 seconds with the mouth.
  • maximum weight: 280 pounds

The Waff Classic collection is PVC and BPA free.



Ships from Los Angeles via USPS (2 to 6 days for delivery depending on the state). If you live outside the USA, your shipping charge will be automatically calculated on checkout.


How To Use the Waff Mini for Balance


 How To Use the Waff Mini in a Chair